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Marriage is love.
accessories, activists, afi, anarchy, animal rights, anime, anorexia, anti-conformity, atari, black, black hair, black nails, bleached hair, blue eyes, bones, book of shadows, bubbles, cartoons, classical music, computer graphics, computers, copy machines, corsets, culture, daria, dark forests, davey havok, death, debate, degrassi, drama, duct tape, dyed hair, ed-nos, edward scissorhands, emily strange, empire records, equality, español, fairies, fantasy creatures, fashion, fasting, fishnets, forks, geeks, georgian language, girls kissing girls, glitter, green tea, guitars, halloween, hello kitty, highlighters, hip bones, holding hands, horror movies, hot showers, imaginary friends, insanity, internet, invader zim, ixi, j-pop, j-rock, jack skellington, jack white, japanese language, johnny the homicidal maniac, jones soda, kartulad, knives, legend of zelda, liberty spikes, live music, long hair, manga, mannequins, mario, metacafe, modifications, mother earth, mythology, nature, neon colors, neopets, nintendo, octopi, originality, paint shop pro, pale skin, paranormal, photography, piercings, pixi stix, poetry, prose, psychology, ragdolls, rainstorms, random people, reality, rocky horror picture show, safety pins, sally ragdoll, scary movies, school house rocks, scotch tape, sega genesis, self-expression, sharp objects, shiny objects, skateboarding, smurfs, snorks, snow glass apples, snow white, sonic the hedgehog, spanish, speech, spice girls, spiked cuffs, staplers, starbucks, starvation, straws, stuffed animals, style, super nintendo, support, swimming, tacky jewelry, tattoos, the breakfast club, the distillers, the nightmare before christmas, the palace, the sims, thrice, underground bands, vampires, vegetarians, video games, warped tour, web design, wiccan, witchcraft, wristbands, xbox, yoshi